Your leads are falling through the cracks.

Koala fixes your leaky funnel by optimizing conversion to demo and identifies the lowest-hanging fruit for your sales team

Understand your winning formula

Koala analyzes thousands of behavioral and firmographic traits, automatically extracts the statistically significant ones, and runs a real-time ML engine that ranks every visitor on your site in an approachable way your whole team will understand. No more black boxes.

Firmographic trait scores

Maximize pipeline from existing traffic, with a personal touch

Use Koala to boost conversion on your demo forms and offer demos in realtime at key high-intent moments throughout the customer journey Leverage Koala’s Fit & Intent Engine to offer personalized demos at the perfect time by with our no-code presets, or drop down to JavaScript to write the most sophisticated demo experience your customers have ever seen.

No lead left behind

Use Koala Leads to prospect the highest-intent accounts and stay on top of your existing customers, so you’re always ready with the perfect next touch Get real-time alerts delivered to your team’s Slack, tasks assigned to you in Outreach, leads delivered to a Salesforce list, or email digests about your target accounts.

Preview of Koala's Auto-ICP

Boost your speed-to-lead, with your existing tools

Koala’s platform is open and extensible, with native bidirectional integrations to Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, Clearbit, Zoominfo, and Segment. Customize our fit/intent scores and lead lists to be delivered directly to your CRM or Outreach tool, or you can leverage Koala’s app to handle the triage process.

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